A solemn etude

We know that a birthday is a special holiday at any age, so for dear birthday people, our special BDAY promo code tariff is valid, including discounts and gifts.

The special rate includes:

1. 15% discount on accommodation%;

2. Late check-out before 16:00*;

3. Special breakfast price for pre-booking**;

4. 15% discount on all menus in Express Bar***;

5. A compliment from the hotel ****.

*If there are available rooms of the selected category

**Breakfast is paid separately. The special cost of breakfast is 750 rubles per day per person, including 20% VAT.

***The promotion is valid 3 days before and after the birthday. You can use it only once. To receive a discount, you must present your passport/

birth certificate on arrival.

****The compliment provided depends on the age. Please be sure to specify the full date

of birth of the birthday boy when booking.

Discounts and promotions do not add up.

Celebrate your birthday with us and we will help you make it unforgettable.